DNS Naming and Services for Secure Seamless IoT

The objective of the DiNS project is to design and implement solutions for identification, naming, and authentication of constrained IoT devices based the existing open DNS ecosystem and its recent extensions. The project results will contribute to the construction of the seamless secure interoperable Internet of Things.

The project will design an overall architecture for scalable IoT naming and resolution schemes. To address security challenges, we propose to provide strict security guarantees for DNS names based on DNSSEC (DNS Security Extensions) and DANE (DNS-Based Domain Authenticated Naming Extension). The idea is to design a secure scheme for identifiers of IoT devices and support scalable key distribution for authentication. The project will also explore IoT discovery: how to represent the characteristics of IoT devices in DNS names to enable rich queries on devices and the data they generate. Finally, we will design a name resolution scheme allowing for roaming between multiple- tenant networks in a similar way to EduRoam. We plan to validate this architecture initially on LoRa and extend it for NB-IoT and future 5G MTC (Machine Type Communications) networks.